Korean Red Ginseng Extract King


Optimal health. 100% organic 6 years old KOREAN RED GINSENG with 17mg/g Saponin

40g x 4 bottles

This product is a ginseng extract made from selected six year old Korea Red Ginseng roots. It is subjected to our special technique that maximizes the ginsenoside content (Rg1, Rb1 & Rg3. 17mg/g).

This particular Ginseng extract also contains a significantly higher level of Saponin compared to all other ginseng products. We achieve this through a multiple extraction process. Single extract ginseng can only achieve 10% saponin concentration; our multiple extraction process is significantly higher with saponin at 17mg/g.

Youngs Goods is the exclusive Australian supplier of this Korean Red Ginseng Extract King.

Dosage and Administration

This is recommended only for adults, who can take 2 spoons twice a day. The spoon we supply measures a 1g portion. Korean red ginseng Extract can be added to tea, swallowed with water, or eaten with honey.


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