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Ginseng helps the functioning of the human body, both physically and mentally. Unlike stimulants which provide short term energy, often at the expense of a latter energy crash, Ginseng provides steady and smooth functioning; it provides endurance rather than short term improvement. It is a herb that helps restore the body to full functioning, so the body and mind can better cope with stress, exertion and daily living.

There are many varieties of Ginseng from Asian and the Americas, and many related plants in the ginseng plant family. Korean Red Ginseng is considered the definitive form. This is partly because of the ideal climate that Ginseng receives in its country of origin, partly because of the purifying process of steaming and heating that the best quality ginseng receives. Ginsengs health benefits and numerous, and its side effect, especially after purification, are few.

Korean Ginseng is available as:

  • Ginseng tea
  • Whole ginseng root
  • Sliced ginseng root
  • Extract
  • Capsules
  • Ginseng Jelly
  • Tonic
  • Children’s tonic
  • Confectionary

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