About Us

YOUNGS GOODS is the exclusive distributor of GORYEO KOREAN RED GINSENG in Australia wide.
For thousands of years Ginseng has been recognized for its medicinal properties. Modern research is still catching up with all that it can apparently do. Most consumers believe in Ginseng’s ability to give a steady energy boost. Some believe it gives consumers a longer life, but most people generally take it for overall health benefits.

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At Young's Goods we are dedicated to:

  • Quality ingredients you can trust
  • High standards for importing and distributing Our product
  • Reasonable prices
  • Satisfying the customer’s requirements
  • Putting a Healthy life first.

Our Ginseng products include:

  • Sweetened Ginseng in convenient packets
  • Concentrated tea powder in sachets
  • Red Ginseng Candy
  • Korean Red Ginseng Jelly
  • Kinderkid and Tweenkid Tonic, aged Ginseng with medicinal herbs
  • Ginseng extract.
  • Korean Ginseng extract powder
  • Korean Ginseng concentrate with herbs
  • Korean Ginseng concentrate extract

Brand Story


Goryeo Red Ginseng is a direct sales company which operates throughout the USA, China , Cambodia, Australia. Goryeo company markets and sells products with focus on long - term Health.

Goryeo Korean Red Ginseng is a global brand recognised by the Ginseng Association. 

Our company only uses the best quality 6 years old grown "Red Ginseng".

We use an advanced technology that eliminates pollution during the manufacturing process, thus giving the best quality. We proudly guarantee our products, backed with over 30 years of history and technique.

For thousands of years, Ginseng has been recognised for its medicinal properties Modern research is still catching up with all that it can do. Most consumers believe in Ginseng's ability to boost energy. Some believe it can help to extend the life span for consumers who take it. But most people generally take it for the overall health benefit it offers.

Korea Red Ginseng Federation assures customers with the following:

* Trustworthy ingredients.

* Products that provide customer’s satisfaction.

* Expertise in production of Korean red ginseng.

* Constant efficiency to suit customers' needs.

* Reasonable prices.

brand story