Best Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng comes in several different varieties, often grouped by country of origin. There are also other plants in the Ginseng family that are not true Ginseng, even if they have useful medicinal properties of their own. But the best of the different varieties seems to be Korean Red Ginseng.

The best Korean red ginseng is a combination of processing and superior quality plants. A ginseng plant require 6 years to reach full maturity and potency, growing in the right environment and conditions that exist in Korea, its country of origin. It is then handpicked streamed whole, and moderately heated for an extended period of time. This process eliminates the few side-effects of the herb, also turning it from white to red. The final product is then extracted from the Body (about 70%) and root (the remaining 30%) with maximised antioxidant, anticancer, stamina and health enhancing properties.

Side effects of ginseng are few and minor, and processed ginseng virtually eliminates these issues. As long as Ginseng in not taken before rest, where its endurance and energy properties can cause insomnia, there tends to be very few problems with the final processed product.

One of the great advantages of Ginseng is its adaotogen qualities. This means is boosts the body’s own functions to combat whatever problems are encountered. This principle goes back to the Greek father of Medicine, Hippocrates, though ancient Chinese writings seem to have similar views. They both believed that the body could heal itself, with substances like Ginseng giving the body the extra bit of energy and endurance needed to help natural functioning and sometimes needed to help fight occasional diseases, inflections or fatigue.

Ginseng is about restoring normal functioning and endurance, not about pushing ourselves too hard or trying to be something other than human. Ginseng helps restore proper human health.